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  • May 13, 2023
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Solar pv modules manufacturers

A single solar cell cannot produce the necessary usable output. To raise the output power level of a PV system, a number of such PV solar cells must be connected.

Solar PV modules manufacturers typically construct this with a sufficient number of solar cells linked in series to generate the required standard output voltage and power. A single solar module can be rated from 3 to 300 watts.

What are pv cell and pv modules

Solar modules, often known as PV modules, are the basic building blocks of a solar electric power generation system that are commercially accessible. Let's understand the manufacturing process of solar pv module used by SunGarner.

A single solar PV cell produces very little energy, ranging from 0.1 to 2 watts. However, it is impracticable to use such a low-power device as a system building block. As a result, the required number of such cells is combined.

It's basically a type of solar panel that uses photovoltaic technology to turn sunlight into electricity. The sun's energy essentially causes electrons in the panel to move, resulting in an electrical current.

SunGarner made these panels, which are composed of numerous PV cells that can be placed in various configurations to create differing quantities of power output. They are also built to be long-lasting and weather-resistant, allowing them to last for many years with minimal care.

In terms of uses, they're often employed in both residential and commercial settings as an environmentally beneficial alternative to traditional fossil fuels for generating power.

Attributes of a PV module solar panel

  • Firstly, these panels are designed to be highly efficient at converting sunlight into electrical energy.
  • They typically consist of a series of solar cells made from semiconductor materials like silicon, which absorb photons and release electrons that can be harnessed for power.
  • PV modules also come with various technologies to improve their performance, such as anti-reflective coatings that allow them to absorb more sunlight and bypass diodes that prevent power loss due to shading or damage.
  • Many panels are also built for durability, with weather-resistant materials and frames that can withstand strong winds and heavy loads.
  • And lastly, most PV modules now include advanced monitoring systems that allow users to track their energy output and identify any potential issues in real time.

Put together, these features make PV solar panel technology an attractive option for anyone looking to harness the power of the sun in their day-to-day lives.

So, if you're curious about the field of solar energy and want to know who creates those elegant PV module solar panels, I'd definitely like to introduce you to SunGarner manufacturer of solar pv modules. They produce high-quality photovoltaic modules, which transform sunshine into useful electricity and are ideal for powering homes and businesses. Their devotion to sustainability is appreciated - they employ eco-friendly materials, and their manufacturing process has a low environmental impact.

Furthermore, their panels are extremely sturdy and are built to last for many years in tough weather situations. Overall, SunGarner is a leading industry player worth considering if you're looking for solar panels.

SunGarner has two modules available: PV Module 40-160 Watt and  PV Module 200-325 Watt. Both are intended to turn sunlight into useful energy for your home or company.

Features & Applications of PV Module 40-160 Watt

  • Rural Electrification
  • Telecommunications and Radio stations
  • Solar E-rickshaw
  • Solar pumping applications
  • Railway Signaling
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar street light applications
  • Off-grid residential systems
  • Highly reliable IP67 rated juction box
  • Electroluminescence tested for microcracks
  • A high fill factor means better energy conversion efficiency
  • 36 cells configuration upto 160W

Features & Applications of PV Module 200-325 Watt

  • Solar pumping systems
  • Residential off-grid systems
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial rooftop on-grid installations
  • Large-scale on-grid utility systems
  • Microcracks were detected using electroluminescence.
  • Cell Sorted by power and current to reduce field mismatch losses
  • A high fill factor means better energy conversion efficiency.
  • 72-cell arrangement with 200-320W power range

The PV Module 40-160 Watt model is ideal for smaller-scale tasks like powering residential dwellings or RVs.

The PV Module 200-325 watt version, on the other hand, is well-suited for larger projects that require more power output, such as commercial buildings or industrial sites. High-quality materials and innovative technology are used in our PV modules to provide optimal energy conversion and endurance in a variety of weather conditions. with these advanced technologies, SunGarner gives its best to become a solar pv module manufacturer in India.

So, whether you want to minimize your carbon footprint or save money on your power bills, our top-of-the-line PV modules by SunGarner have got you covered. 


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