Main Features

  • Advanced Tubular Technology:
  • Fast Charging:
  • Reasonable Cost:
  • Low Maintenance:
  • Special Fire Safe Vent Plugs:

E-Rickshaw Batteries

SunGarner is among the top e-rickshaw battery manufacturers in India offering e-rickshaw batteries under the name “Vault”. Our e-rickshaw batteries are reliable, long lasting and require a very low maintenance. Vault tubular e-rickshaw batteries from SunGarner provide high performance and therefore a popular choice among users.

We offer 1 model in E-Rickshaw batteries:

  • VBER11006: Capacity 110 Ah | C20 at 27°CC

Key Benefits:

  • Extra Life Deep Cycle Modern Technology
  • Advanced Tubular Technology
  • Fast Charging
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Higher Safety Standards
  • Corrosion Resistant to enhance battery life
  • Suitable for High Power Cut areas
  • Cycle life at C10 Discharge at 27°C: 1500 Cycles@ 80% DOD; 3000 Cycles@ 50% DOD; 5000 Cycles@ 20% DOD
  • Low rate self-discharge
  • Designed for Longer Life
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Special Fire Safe Vent Plugs

Our Satisfied Clients

some of our great clients and their review

SunGarner deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects. We avail their services including design, engineering & implementation of solar Off Grid and On Grid Power Plants. It has been more than 5 years now and they are delivering with the latest technology.


Mr. Sunil Sharma Group Vice President, Modi Xerox

SunGarner has a dynamic in-house R&D Department with an experienced back-up, providing customized solutions on problems pertaining to the energy needs of a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial and Residential establishments in several areas. I am happy with their after-sales service too.


Mr. Vinod Ajitsaria Managing Director, V N Dyers & Textiles