Main Features

  • DSP Based Technology:
  • Bulit In Isolation Transformer:
  • Best Suited for IT and Industrial Applications:
  • Robust Design:
  • High Surge Capability:

PowerMacs H+

Features & Applications

  • DSP Based Technology
  • Bulit In Isolation Transformer
  • Best Suited for IT and Industrial Applications
  • Robust Design
  • Advanced Progammable Battery managment Options
  • High Surge Capability

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Ratings 20KVA 40KVA 80KVA 100KVA 160KVA 200KVA
Inverter Switching Element IGBT
Inverter Charger Topology IGBT Based Buck/SCR Based Rectifier 12 Pulse SCR Based Rectifier
Controller 32-Bit ARM Processor
Nominal DC 240V 360V 360V 384V 480V 480V
Inverter Parameters
Inverter Priority Mode [Grid, Solar, Battery] G»S»B S » G » B (Default)
PV Parameters (With Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller)
Output Voltage PH-NE 230V ± 10% , 1ɸ
PH-PH 400V ± 10% , 3ɸ
Max Output Current R-Phase 22A 44A 85A 105A 180A 220A
Y-Phase 22A 44A 85A 105A 180A 220A
B-Phase 22A 44A 85A 105A 180A 220A
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1
Isolation Transformer Provided Inbuilt
Crest Factor 3:1
Output Waveform Pure Sinusoidal
THD Linear Load < 3%
Non Linear Load < 5%
Overload > 100%
Inverter Efficiency > 85%
Protections & Alarm Over and Under Voltage Grid, Over Load, Battery Low &High , Short Circuit, Over Temperature
Remote Monitoring Port RS232/RS485 (Modbus) Optional
Grid Input Parameters
Nominal Grid Voltage 415V, 3ɸ
Nominal Grid Frequency 50Hz ± 1%
Input Low Cut Voltage 350V - 480V, 3ɸ
Battery Parameters
Battery Charging Grid 10A ± 1A (Please consider derating factor also)
Charging Voltage Grid 270V ± 5V 405V ± 5V 405V ± 5V 432V ± 5V 540V ± 5V 540V ± 5V
Battery Low Buzzer 218V ± 5V 328V ± 5V 328V ± 5V 350V ± 5V 437V ± 5V 437V ± 5V
Battery Low Cut 216V ± 5V 324V ± 5V 324V ± 5V 345V ± 5V 432V ± 5V 432V ± 5V
Battery Low Reconnect 236V ± 5V 354V ± 5V 354V ± 5V 377V ± 5V 472V ± 5V 472V ± 5V
Battery High 300V ± 5V 445V ± 5V 445V ± 5V 450V ± 5V 600V ± 5V 600V ± 5V
Display Parameters LCD display for Input & Output - Voltage, Current & Frequency, Battery - Voltage & Current
Display Alarms Output load Percentage, Overload time, Mains - On / Fail / High / Low , DC - On / High, Battery - Low Pre-alarm / Low Trip Inverter - On / Trip / High / Low / Over Load, Temperature
Switchgear Grid MCCB, Battery MCCB, Load MCCB
Enclosure IP 20
Operating Temp. 0 to 40 Deg C
Humidity Upto 95% Rh (non-condensing)
Cooling Forced Air
Dimensions in mm (L X W X H) 1000 X 550 X 900 1130 X 1120 X 1600 1300 X 1300 X 1800
Bypass Switch Manual Rotary Switch Optional Static Switch
Wheels Provided

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SunGarner deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects. We avail their services including design, engineering & implementation of solar Off Grid and On Grid Power Plants. It has been more than 5 years now and they are delivering with the latest technology.


Mr. Sunil Sharma Group Vice President, Modi Xerox

SunGarner has a dynamic in-house R&D Department with an experienced back-up, providing customized solutions on problems pertaining to the energy needs of a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial and Residential establishments in several areas. I am happy with their after-sales service too.


Mr. Vinod Ajitsaria Managing Director, V N Dyers & Textiles