Main Features

  • DSP Based Technology:
  • Advanced MPPT Technology:
  • Bulit In Isolation Transformer:
  • High Surge Capability:
  • Reduce Battery Sulphation:

SunBee H+ (15-100 KVA)

Features & Applications

  • DSP Based Technology
  • Advanced MPPT Technology
  • Bulit In Isolation Transformer
  • Enhance 30% more Battery Life
  • Upto 60% Energy Savings on electricity Bills
  • High Surge Capability
  • Reduce Battery Sulphation
  • Selectable Priority Modes for Grid/Solar/Battery

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Ratings 15 KVA 20 KVA 40 KVA 60 KVA 80 KVA 100 KVA
Switching Element IGBT
Inverter Charger Topology IGBT Buck
Solar Charger Topology IGBT Based MPPT Buck Converter
Controller 32-Bit ARM Processor
Max. Battery Capacity 200AH
Inverter Priority Mode [Grid, Solar, Battery] G»S»B S » G » B (Default)
PV Parameters (With Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller)
Solar Input Voltage Range(Min - Max) 420V-750V 500V-850V 500V-850V 500V-850V 500V-850V 500V-850V
Maximum Solar Current 50A 75A 65A 80A - 55A
Nominal DC 240V 360V 360V 360V 384V 384V
Inverter Parameters
Output Voltage PH-NE 230V ± 10% , 1ɸ
PH-PH 400V ± 10% , 3ɸ
Max Output Current R-Phase 17A 23A 46A 70A 90A 105A
Y-Phase 17A 23A 46A 70A 90A 105A
B-Phase 17A 23A 46A 70A 90A 105A
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1
Isolation Transformer Provided Inbuilt
Crest Factor 3:1
Output Waveform Pure Sinusoidal
THD Linear Load < 3%
Non Linear Load < 5%
Overload > 100%
Inverter Efficiency > 85%
Protections & Alarm Over and Under Voltage Grid, Over Load, Battery Low &High , Short Circuit, Over Temperature
Remote Monitoring Port RS232/RS485 (Modbus) Optional
Nominal Grid Voltage 230V, 1ɸ
Nominal Grid Frequency 50Hz
Input Low Cut Voltage 170V ± 5V
Input Low Recovery Voltage > 180V ± 5V
Input High Cut Voltage 270V ± 5V
Input High Recovery Voltage < 260V ± 5V
Input Frequency Range 47Hz - 53Hz
Grid Input Parameters
Nominal Grid Voltage 415V, 3ɸ
Grid Frequency Range 50Hz ± 1%
Input Voltage Range 350V - 480V, 3ɸ
Battery Parameters
Battery Charging Grid 10A ± 1A (Please consider derating factor also)
Charging Voltage Grid 270V ± 5V 405V ± 5V 405V ± 5V 405V ± 5V 432V ± 5V 432V ± 5V
Battery Low Buzzer 218V ± 5V 328V ± 5V 328V ± 5V 328V ± 5V 350V ± 5V 350V ± 5V
Battery Low Cut 216V ± 5V 324V ± 5V 324V ± 5V 324V ± 5V 345V ± 5V 345V ± 5V
Battery Low Reconnect 236V ± 5V 354V ± 5V 354V ± 5V 354V ± 5V 377V ± 5V 377V ± 5V
Battery High 300V ± 5V 445V ± 5V 445V ± 5V 445V ± 5V 450V ± 5V 450V ± 5V
Display Parameters LCD display for Input & Output - Voltage, Current & Frequency, Battery - Voltage & Current
Display Alarms Output load Percentage, Overload time, Mains - On / Fail / High / Low , DC - On / High, Battery - Low Pre-alarm / Low Trip Inverter - On / Trip / High / Low / Over Load, Temperature
Switchgear Grid MCCB, Battery MCCB, Load MCCB
Enclosure IP 20
Operating Temp. 0 to 40 Deg C
Humidity Upto 95% Rh (non-condensing)
Cooling Forced Air
Dimensions in mm (L X W X H) 1000 X 550 X 900 1130 X 1120 X 1600
Bypass Switch Manual Rotary Switch Optional Static Switch
Wheels Provided

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SunGarner deploys world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects. We avail their services including design, engineering & implementation of solar Off Grid and On Grid Power Plants. It has been more than 5 years now and they are delivering with the latest technology.


Mr. Sunil Sharma Group Vice President, Modi Xerox

SunGarner has a dynamic in-house R&D Department with an experienced back-up, providing customized solutions on problems pertaining to the energy needs of a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial and Residential establishments in several areas. I am happy with their after-sales service too.


Mr. Vinod Ajitsaria Managing Director, V N Dyers & Textiles