Benefits of Off Grid Solar Inverters in Industrial Applications

A solar inverter is one of the most critical components of any solar energy system. It enables the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), making the energy which is used for a wide range of residential, commercial, as well as industrial applications, such as powering various instruments ranging from large industrial equipment to common home appliances like refrigerators, TVs, and microwaves.

Solar inverters are essential in enabling the use of green energy for most electrical appliances. They also assist in monitoring the operation of the complete solar system and offer diagnostic information needed to locate and resolve any technical issues. In addition, by using inverters, customers can either store extra energy in batteries or feed it back to the grid. Commercial and industrial buildings in India, which are supplied grid electricity at significantly higher rates than residential users, find switching to solar systems more economical.

Off-grid Solar Inverter Systems
Off-grid systems are independent of the grid but have their own batteries which can store the energy they generate. A typical power system includes solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, grid boxes, inverters, mountings structures, and a balance of systems. These systems store enough sunlight during the daytime and use the excess energy produced at night. They are self-sufficient and can provide power for important loads in areas where a conventional power grid is not available. However, these systems usually require special equipment to function and can cost a lot to install. These are ideal for small businesses which can sustain for an extended period of time without electricity.

- These self-sustaining systems can operate independently and don't require the grid.
- They generate enough power to store and use during times when the power grid is not working.
- These are ideal for locations without power access from the grid, such as rural areas.

Electricity supply in rural and remote areas
- Off-grid solar systems can facilitate independent, long-term, and sustainable electricity generation in rural and remote areas.

Power back up in areas with frequent electricity cuts - Power outages are common in India because of power transmission malfunctions. This can affect operations at companies and public institutions. An off-grid solar system provides an economical and viable long-term backup solution for overcoming the problems caused by frequent power cuts.

Industrial Applications: Filling Stations, Healthcare, Hospitality, Schools, Universities, Poultry, Agri & Cold Storage, Corporate and Residential.

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