Rooftop Solar Power – Most Cost Effective in India.

India has progressed very fast in the last 10 years in the solar energy category. To make this energy affordable and available in the Indian market, the government has taken many steps such as National Solar Mission, Grid Connected Rooftop solar system, KUSUM YOJNA etc, to provide subsidized solar systems to homeowners and farmers.

Due to the lower cost, rooftop solar photovoltaics (RTSPV) technology, such as roof-mounted solar panels used in homes, and commercial and industrial buildings, is currently the fastest deployable energy generation technology in India. This, according to this global study, is projected to fulfil up to 49 per cent of the global electricity demand by 2050. Maharashtra, with 181 terawatt-hour per year and Uttar Pradesh with 168.07 terawatt-hour per year have the highest solar rooftop potential in the country now.

The findings have an important implication for sustainable development and climate change mitigation efforts. The International Solar Alliance, a joint initiative launched by India and France, is planning to mobilize USD 1 trillion in investments by 2030 to increase penetration of solar energy. This means that from powering the Nasa's Vanguard satellites in 1958 to lighting homes in the sub-Saharan Africa, solar photovoltaics technology has come a long way.