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  • Jun 05, 2023
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Tubular battery manufacturers

Ensure long-lasting power backup for your home or business by the best Tubular battery manufacturers in India.

A tubular battery manufacturer that specifically manufactures these batteries to provide an uninterruptible power supply for prolonged periods of time, and its many tubular electrodes are organized in a jacket around a central core, hence its "tubular" name.

These batteries are very dependable and durable, which makes them perfect for usage in commercial settings or in areas with regular power outages.

Due to their capacity to store energy for a long time, they are also appropriate for use with renewable energy generators like solar, wind, or hydroelectric panels. The tubular battery is a durable option that provides useful energy backup in emergency scenarios because of its longer lifespan than ordinary batteries and sturdy construction.

SunGarner, which distributes these batteries under the name "Vault," is one of the top tubular battery manufacturers in India. Our tubular batteries are dependable, long-lasting, and almost maintenance-free.

Specification of tubular batteries

  1. A tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery that's known for its durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. The specifications of tubular batteries vary depending on the brand, but generally speaking, they have a voltage rating of 12 volts and a capacity ranging from 100 Ah to 200 Ah.
  3. These batteries feature thick positive plates made of lead oxide surrounded by evenly spaced tubes made from an alloy of lead and antimony.
  4. This unique design increases the surface area of the positive plate, improving the battery's ability to deliver sustained current over longer periods.
  5. The electrolyte used in these batteries is usually made up of dilute sulfuric acid, which reacts with the lead oxide plates during charging to generate electricity.
  6. A well-maintained tubular battery can last for six to ten years or even more depending on usage conditions, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications like backup power systems or solar energy storage units.

Due to their great energy density and dependability, tubular batteries are frequently used in home and commercial applications. Tubular batteries are sold in a variety of models, each with a unique set of characteristics and advantages.

Why SunGarner is the best tubular battery manufacturer

There are two main tubular battery types offered by SunGarner, each with an own model and set of features and advantages. These include:  Solar Tall Tubular Battery and Inverter Tall Tubular Batteries.

  1. Inverter Tall Tubular Battery

The "Vault" brand of inverter tubular batteries is offered by SunGarner, Our tubular inverter batteries are dependable, durable, and very low maintenance. SunGarner's Vault tubular inverter batteries are well-liked by consumers because they offer exceptional performance.

We provide four different tubular inverter battery models:

  1. VBIT16036: Capacity 160 Ah | C20 at 27°C
  2. VBIT18036: Capacity 180 Ah | C20 at 27°C
  3. VBIT24048: Capacity 240 Ah | C20 at 27°C
  4. VBIT22048: Capacity 220 Ah | C20 at 27°
  5. Solar Tall Tubular Battery

One of the top producers of solar tubular batteries in India is SunGarner, which sells products under the "Vault" brand. Our solar tubular batteries offer dependability, longevity, and very little maintenance. SunGarner's Vault tubular solar batteries are high-performing and are hence a preferred option for users.

We provide four different tubular solar battery models:

  1. VBST15036: Capacity 150 Ah | C10 at 27°C
  2. VBST15060: Capacity 150 Ah | C10 at 27°C
  3. VBST20036: Capacity 200 Ah | C10 at 27°C
  4. VBST20060: Capacity 200 Ah | C10 at 27°C

Their Key benefits

  1. Extra Life Deep Cycle Modern Technology
  2. Advanced Tubular Technology
  3. Fast Charging
  4. Reasonable Cost
  5. Low Maintenance
  6. Higher Safety Standards
  7. Corrosion Resistant to enhance battery life
  8. Suitable for High Power Cut areas
  9. Cycle life at C10 Discharge at 27°C: 1500 Cycles@ 80% DOD; 3000 Cycles@ 50% DOD; 5000 Cycles@ 20% DOD
  10. Low rate of self-discharge
  11. Designed for Longer Life
  12. Environment Friendly
  13. Easy Installation
  14. Special Fire Safe Vent Plugs


After carefully comparing the leading tubular battery manufacturers in the market, SunGarner is unquestionably the best choice. The business has a tradition of creating dependable, effective, and high-quality batteries that endure a long time.

SunGarner offers unmatched customer service in addition to its great products, ensuring that customers are happy with their purchases. With the most recent technological breakthroughs available to customers, their dedication to innovation and continual improvement further distinguishes them from their rivals.

SunGarner would be a sensible choice for individuals in need of tubular batteries for a variety of purposes, including solar power systems or telecommunications equipment.

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