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  • Oct 11, 2022
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What are inverters and how they work in a solar energy system?

Inverters are the most important components of solar energy systems and they convert direct current into alternating current. Most you are aware of the inverters used in areas where mains power cuts are common. However, here we are discussing the inverters that are used in converting the DC electricity generated by a solar panel into AC which is used to run the electricity in your home or commercial property

Even the inverters used in homes which store the electricity from the mains in batteries and then use the same electricity to power your electric grid. However, nowadays the impetus is on the generation electricity availed from renewable sources and this is why we find many solar inverter manufacturer companies in India as well as other geographical areas where there is abundant sunshine most part of the year.

What are solar panels?

Photovoltaic panels commonly known as solar panels are the components along with an inverter and a rack that keeps everything organised. Some solar inverters also contain a battery which depends on the system along with an electric meter. The type and amount of panels in each system depend on the amount of electric output required.

How does a solar inverter work?

The solar inverter takes the variable direct current from the solar panels and converts it into alternating current 120V/240V. Appliances in homes run on AC current and this is why the inverter is required to convert the current from DC to AC. The solar panels are made up of semiconductor layers of gallium arsenide or crystalline silicon. When the sunlight falls on these cells the semiconductor layers absorb the light and pass on the energy to the Photo Voltaic cells.

This energy causes the electrons to become loose which move between the positive and negative layers. This produces a direct current DC and the energy produced is stored in a battery for use later on or sent directly to an inverter. Both these types of systems are available in the market and the choice depends on how you intend to use the solar inverter.

This energy from the inverter is run through a transformer and then run through two or more transistors which turn on and off at a very fast rate and feed the two sides of the transformer. This is the entire cycle of the conversion of solar energy into Alternating current which can be then used to run the appliances in your household.

The main thing that you should keep in mind when buying a solar inverter is to buy it from the best inverter battery manufacturer. This is because you don’t just require energy when the sun is shining, but also at night. Due to this the battery has to be of top quality as it will store the electricity for use when the sunlight is not available. The use of solar inverters has become quite popular and this spells a bright future for environment conservation because of solar energy is a sustainable source for producing electricity.

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